Why join the ArPTA?

Members of the APTA and the Arkansas Physical Therapy Association (ArPTA) have access to various "benefits of belonging."  As a member, you should be aware of the benefits listed below.  As a non-member, you should be aware of all that you are missing out on!

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What Does APTA and ArPTA Membership Offer You?

  • Legislative Representation - APTA represents you and your profession at the federal level.  ArPTA and APTA represent you and your profession at the state level.  APTA and ArPTA are your voice...and it's a voice that grows stronger with each new member.

  • Reimbursement Updates and Information - APTA and ArPTA work hard to ensure that you receive adequate insurance reimbursement.  Lobbying efforts, public relations campaigns, and political action have brought about many positive changes in reimbursement policies.

  • News and Information 24 Hours a Day - As a member, you can turn to APTA for answers to your physical therapy questions 24 hours a day. APTA is your best—and most trusted!—source of information about physical therapy.  Sources of information available FREE to members:

PT in Motion News Now—weekly electronic update with the latest in the world of physical therapy.
PT in Motion—APTA’s monthly magazine that brings you the latest from the clinic, the government, the Association, and the profession.
Physical Therapy—APTA’s award-winning, peer-reviewed journal documents the state of the art in the science and practice of physical therapy.
Dynamic Publications and Resources—available to members at a 40% savings off nonmember prices.
Plus many more valuable resources! Browse APTA’s Web site to learn more about the many more benefits APTA offers its members.

ArPTA State-Level Benefits

  • High profile political presence in the Arkansas State Legislature and throughout the State

  • State Legislature Health Fair and Lobby Day 

  • Access to ArPTA-sponsored awards, grants, and forums  

  • Representation at state meetings (i.e., Insurance, Workers' Comp., etc.) 

  • Annual Conference & Exhibition (member discount) 

  • An Executive Committee and Board of Directors to lead and develop strategies to strengthen the association and the profession. 

  • ArPTA quarterly newsletter, New Horizons  

  • Research Platform & Poster presentations 

  • Representation by a Delegate Assembly to the APTA House of Delegates and National Assembly (PTA) 

  • Access to ArPTA District meetings 

  • Sponsorship of events at the district level 

  • ArPTA Loan Program