Our Board of Directors:




Bylaws Committee:

Chairperson: Steve Forbush
The Bylaws Comittee shall review Chapter bylaws yearly for needed revisions and submit suggested changes to the membership at the Annual Meeting for discussion and vote.  Click here to see a copy of the ArPTA Bylaws.

Ethics Committee:

The Ethics Committee shall: (1) Process any claims of violation of the "Code of Ethics" and "Standards of Ethical Practice;" (2) Process any claims in regards to violations of the Practice Act, forwarding these complaints to proper agencies or authorities.

 Finance Committee:

Chairperson: Steve Forbush
The Finance Committee shall present an annual budget to the Chapter, advise the Chapter on matters pertaining to the Chapter's financial need, growth, and stability based on periodic review of income, expenditures, and investments.

 Legislative Committee:

Chairperson: Arthur Hulburt
The Legislative Committee shall: 1) monitor and react to all legislative activities that would affect the practice of physical therapy; 2) disseminate legislative information to members; 3) develop and promote legislation that reflects the changes in scope and need of the practice of physical therapy; 4) in accordance with the membership needs, develop mechanisms for members to react to legislation in an appropriate, professional and informed manner; and 5) identify methods of recruiting support for our legislative interests.  It consists of 30-35 members including the Chairperson, executive Committee and standing committee chairs. The Lobbyist will serve as a consultant to the committee. Other consultants may be appointed by the Executive Committee as needed. Members of the Legislative Committee should have an interest in legislative matters, by staying knowledgeable of the current legislative issues and personally visiting legislators.

 Membership Committee:

Chairperson: Kathy Borrelli
The Membership Committee shall 1) recruit new members and encourage their involvement in Chapter activities, 2) Maintaina retention program for current members, 3) promote contacts and communication between the Chapter and Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant Schools.

 Newsletter Committee:

Chairperson: Becky Crenshaw
The Newsletter Committee shall compile and distribute a quarterly publication containing information of relevance and interest to ArPTA members.

 Nominating Committee:

Chairperson: Ruth Mathis

 Payment Committee:

Chairperson: Bo Renshaw

The Payment Committee serves as a resource to ArPTA members regarding physical therapy payment and reimbursement issues, and to partner with the Government Affairs Committee to enhance relationships with third-party payers through dialogue and education regarding the practice of physical therapy.

 Political Action Committee:

Chairperson: Marla Murphy

Dear Colleagues,       
Now is our chance to significantly enhance our ability to affect the legislative process in Arkansas.  By law, our association cannot use APTA/ArPTA dues for direct legislative activities.  This is why we are making this special appeal to you for an annual contribution to ArPTA's Political Action Committee.  Politics involves lobbying.  Lobbying involves money.  Make a difference in the legislation that matters most to your profession.  Remember, every dollar counts; no contribution is too small! 

Bo Renshaw, PT, ArPTA President
& Shane Irgens, PT, PAC Chairperson

Click here to make a donation now!

 Practice Committee:

Chairperson: Beth Stamp
The Committee on Practice shall: (1)   Develop and implement guidelines which express the commitment to a standard of excellence in the delivery and documentation of patient care; (2)   Develop, implement and maintain quality review systems for the following practice issues which are available to any individual, facility or group: (a)  Documentation, (b)  Changes in policy of JCAH, CARF, and other agencies, (c)  Peer review, (d)  Audits, (e)  Training in claims review, (f)  Patient outcomes, (g)  Continuous quality improvement; (3)  Disseminate state and national information to the membership regarding reimbursement issues, direct access, claims review and continuous quality improvement; (4)   Perform claims reviews upon request of third party payers.

 Program Committee:

Chairperson: Leah Lowe
The Program Committee shall be responsible for the planning, implementation, and operation of an appropriate continuing education / professional development program for each two ArPTA meetings per year, as well as additional programs as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.   The committee consists of five members.

 Public Relations Committee:

Chairperson: Kristie Vinson
The Public Relations Committee shall: (1) Build the reputation, public awareness, and recognition of physical therapy to help physical therapists gain a fair degree of credit and recognition for who they are and what they do; (2)  Disseminate information through statewide news media.

 Research Committee:

Chairperson: Charlotte Yates
The Research Committee shall foster the development of applied research in physical therapy and facilitate information about the process, data collection, and interpretation of results applied to practice.


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